Thursday, June 20, 2019

Textual analysis of How to watch your brother die Essay

Textual analysis of How to watch your fellow die - Essay suitThe speaker clearly reveals the issue of homosexual society and the substance the outside world view it. The author creates a situation whereby the brother is struggling everyplace the death of his brother, who is sick. The speaker narrates the poem in the first person perspective in rove to enable the reader to understand what he is trying to spew across. It has been quite along when the speaker exiled the brother because he was a gay, but the speaker receives a call from his lover that his brother is dying. The speaker takes a shave to California in aim to meet his brothers lover. The speaker grieves over the love of his brother, but in the process, fails to understand the lover of his brother and the way she could grief and commit like a wife. Thus, the purpose of the essay is to analyze the possible message the author suggests through focusing on particular strategies busy in the text. Thesis Lassell attempts t o reveal the challenges many people face in an attempt of reaching others across differences, the pain, power of prejudice and oddity in the up-to-date society. The poem of Lassell explores the challenges that many people or families face, prejudice issues and homosexuality aspects in the current society. First, Lassell presents the poem in a unique way in order to reveal the barriers that disconnected the two siblings from communication. This barrier subsides or ends when the speaker realizes that his brother was suffering from a terminal illness and is about to die. The long lost complaisant love is restored, when the speaker realizes that his brother is about to die, and regrets for shutting him out. This clearly depicts what is happening in the current society because the poem presents controversy between the homosexuality issues and acceptance in the family unit. For instance, traditional families prohibit homosexuality thus, they view gay people as an outcast and many of th em face total exile. The speaker reflects this cash advance after the funeral of his brother thus, the author says, Forgive yourself for not wanting to know him after he told you. He did (Lassell pr.11 line 6). The deep hidden love of the brother reveals the shift in the present society where families attempt to embrace all of their children in an equal loving way regardless of their sexual orientation. The author make the choice of using first person perspective in order to enable the reader to understand clearly the issue of homosexuality and the consequences it contributes. The sonnet is a transformative in the logic that the narrator presents many challenges, painful experience and discomfort of homosexuality in the society. He struggle with the illness of his brother and even moves to Mexico in order to find better drugs. The poem is impressive because it educates the society about the challenges of homosexuality, which contributes to incurable diseases like AIDS. The speaker employs first language perspective in order to capture the attention of the reader thus moving the reader to appreciate the dilemma of the speaker. The speaker defines himself in a manner that enables the reader to discover varied challenges through his journey hence understanding him clearly. The poem of Lassell is a stunning sonnet that captures the attention of the reader because of the textual strategies that the author employed. First, the author reveals the theme of perpetration amid two characters including the brother and the

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