Thursday, September 12, 2019

Consolidation and Reflective Statement 350 words Coursework

Consolidation and Reflective Statement 350 words - Coursework Example My success formula is simply doing exhaustive research, privately going through the learning materials repeatedly, and later endorsing the read information through discussions. I comprehensively researched and answered all questions in the online library and career service quiz correctly. The discussion skills I perfected enabled me to work effectively on the workshop group blog. Additionally, the discussions equipped me with all-round information applicable in the evaluation process in a workshop group wiki. To complete the portfolio, I worked essentially by discussing with people, and deliberating many internet materials, journals, books and some materials that had been done by other students relating to the topic. Difficulties were imminent because I had not been involved in any research of such magnitude during my previous education, which was mostly based on question and answer. Time was a challenge because extensive researching needs relatively longer duration. To overcome the challenges, I sort help from a number of people who guided me on how to gather information perfectly. In the same way, I used various applications to create work schedules and manage time. In overall, this was a very educative experience. It offered an opportunity for practically experiencing working under different scenarios. I developed a number of skills and knowledge in the process. For instance, now I am a better timekeeper and a good portfolio manager. Above all, I established a critical mind, which will be of great assistance to me throughout my life and professional

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