Thursday, November 7, 2019

Media violence and agression essays

Media violence and agression essays Within the past few decades there has been a growing concern about exposure to media violence. Many people have directly associated aggression and hostile thoughts to the viewing of, or participation in, violent media. It is now abundant in many forms: movies, music, video games, television shows, and even newscasts. The question is whether it changes us negatively as humans. If not, then it is obviously harmless. Then we could go on not paying any attention to the increase of intense and realistic violence within todays media. But the more probable answer is yes; it has, is, and will continue to affect us. There is a lot more to worry about now than there was twenty years ago. The world continues to evolve technologically, escalating our ability and probability to be exposed to such violence. For example, soldiers in Iraq have cameras strapped to their helmets, displaying an in-war perspective on local news stations, which we would otherwise not have. This is a vast evolution from t he sketchy news broadcasts and day to day speculation of North American civilians during the World Wars. Is this opened door a benefit, or is society being exposed to something it should not be? The same question can be asked about video games; one of the worlds most widespread hobbies. As well, movies and television are other explicitly violent culprits. All this too say that there are many violent sources available to people of all ages. And, if aggression is nourished within those who are exposed to these sources, then the world is heading in a dangerous direction. The cognitive learning theory suggests that, humans have underlying thought processes; therefore, having the ability to respond to situations based on thoughts, memory, and the way information is processed (Feldman). An example of this is, knowing how to drive a car without having ever done it before. One may observe their parent driving, and thereby obtain the basic skills requi...

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