Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Otitis media, analyeses and evaluation the care delivered to a patient Essay

Otitis media, analyeses and evaluation the care delivered to a patient with otitis media - Essay Example Currently, decision-making processes have to be approved by the patient due to the consequences that may arise during treatments. As for otitis, the decisions have to be controlled by the doctor due to the various determinants. Additionally, the doctors use the factors to assist the patients on the decisions they can make on their treatment. Notably, previous research has simplified decision-making processes by having connection between symptoms and specific treatment methods that can be applied. Acute otitis media (AOM) – it is caused by blockages in the Eustachian tube due to poor drainage and ventilation of the inner and middle ear cavity (Rosenfeld 102). It does not take long, and its symptoms are short-term. The symptoms include increased temperature, nausea, ear ache and irritability among others. However, they may vary based on age body resistance. Chronic otitis media – it involves the entry of bacteria into the middle ear leading to infections (Bluestone and Jerome 103). The excreted fluid may cause conductive hearing loss and takes place after a period of more than three months. It is also referred to as the glue ear. Chronic suppurative otitis media – it is also referred to as the runny ear due to the presence of an opening in the eardrum. There is consistent discharge of fluids that may affect the inner bones (Bluestone and Jerome 5). This stage may lead to permanent hearing loss if treatment is not administered. Age is a factor affecting the choice of diagnostic approaches (Block and Christopher 56). Otitis media is commonly found in children below the ages of ten (Bluestone and Jerome 4). Moreover, the approach styles in children are different from those in adults. For example, an adult can explain in detailed the symptoms that he/she is undergoing; hence making it easy for the decision-making process. Children will have different diagnosis styles whereby the doctor will have to carry out tests and

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